As a teaching assistant at various international summer schools on computational neuroscience, I've designed and delivered several tutorials (mostly in python + Brian 2.0):


Computational Approaches to Memory and Plasticity (CAMP) 2016, Bangalore, India:

Excitatory-Inhibitory networks: (code based on Brunel, 2000 and Teramae, Tsubo and Fukai, 2012).

Long-Term Plasticity in Networks: (has libreoffice slides, code based on Zenke, et al 2015 and Gilson, et al 2012).

Associative Memory: (based on Zenke, et al 2013Zenke, et al 2015, and Hiratani, et al 2012).

Functional STDP: (mostly implementation of stuff from Gilson, et al 2012.).


CAMP 2014, Bangalore, India:

Excitatory-Inhibitory networks: - see steps.txt for instructions.

Spike-timing-Dependent-Plasticity: single synapse and network:


To add to this page: tutorials that I designed for Computational and Cognitive Neuroscience (CCN) summer school 2012, Beijing, China; CCN 2013, Beijing, China; and CAMP 2017, Bangalore, India.

Also, have not yet added the slides for all the tutorials as I've used figures from others' papers -- though I guess teaching use should be fine -- mail me if you'd like the slides for any tutorial.